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We’re all failures and better because of it.

  I’ve done a lot of stupid things during my time in a kayak.  In my first kayak I had a habit of leaving the hatch covers and drain plug open to help the inside hull dry out, after a day on the water.  I’d say at least 5 times I’d forgetten the drain plug […]

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Kickin’ Bass: Kayak Fishing League Debuts

I’ve wrote some previous articles about the rapidly growing kayak bass fishing scene.  It’s continued to expand with individual tournaments and series quicker than anyone has anticipated.  For a while I thought the craze was confined to Texas.  It turns out much of the country is experiencing the same growth.  This poses a few problems.  […]

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Thank you, fishing.

Authors note: I had originally wrote this back in July and decided not to publish it.  I cried a bit during its writing and thought I may hang on to it for myself.  Then a few days ago my wife and I watched a movie called 50/50 – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1306980/.  It got me thinking and had […]

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Soft Plastics, the ultimate tool

In case you missed it, last month I was lucky enough to have a write up published in The Fishermans Journal.  The magazine is full of great articles and information, so please check it out.  If you want to see my write up, it begins on page 38.  Also be on the look out for […]

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Customize your Propel drive

So I had been thinking for a while about how my Propel drive was old looking.  Its been used a lot  and that’s what happens, nothing is new forever.  I wasn’t crazy about painting the drive because to do it right, it takes a lot of prep work and most likely any paint will chip […]

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Decker Lake Toadage

It’s Monday, it sucks, there’s no way around it.  So here’s a quick video to kick off the week and remind you what could be doing right now had you need born rich…….or lucky.  Maybe you can even use this to convince your boss to let you off early so you can go fishing.  Never […]

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Transporting and securing kayaks

Here’s a quick video going over some tips on how to safely transport your kayak to and from the lake.  Thanks for watching!  HD version is being    

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You can’t fake the funk.

The past 8 months have been pretty amazing for me so far.  I was lucky enough to enjoy a trip down The Devils River.  I came off my best ever winter of bass fishing (catching lots of 4-7 pound fish during the nastiest winter in a long time).  I made it into the KATS Classic for my second year in a row.  Not least of all, I’ve been able to make new friends and have received a lot of great advice (kayak and fishing related) from others.  The advice I think is worth its weight in gold and I’m very thankful for it.  When I couldn’t really ask for anymore, I was presented with the opportunity to represent two amazing companies, Native Watercraft and AquaBound. Now all that wasn’t meant to be a brag.  Well maybe a humble brag but there are numerous fisherman better than me (probably rolling their eyes right now).  No, it was meant to make a point.  With all the positive happenings, I seemed to hit a fishing funk mid season.  I loved to be on the water and fishing but I just felt kind of “bleh”, doing it.  Imagine going to Amy’s Ice Cream (or Marble Slab for people not in Austin).  On the way there you know you have endless options for flavors and toppings.  You walk in ready to get your sugar high on with ice cream so loaded that you might be sent into a diabetic coma on the first bite.  You walk up to the counter, wide eyed, mouth watering, licking your chops and you notice it.  All they have is freaking plain old boring vanilla and no toppings.  “COME ON!” you scream in a fit of anger, while you cry a little on the inside (maybe you aren’t that dramatic, I’m not here to judge you).  So you order the vanilla, with no toppings.  Sure you got ice cream but as you eat it you feel kinda, bleh.  How are you supposed to take an ice cream selfie and post it on Facebook for the world to see, with plain vanilla ice cream next to your mug, right?  That’s kind of how I felt fishing. I pushed through the rest of the season.  I did what I do best, won a few tournaments clapped for all the winners.  I had high hopes that the Lake Fayette tournament would make things click again.  It seems like the fish on that lake know when I’m there and shutdown.  I placed 9th I think but it just further cemented the “bleh” I was feeling.  I ended up traveling north 4 hours to Lake Ray Roberts for the next tournament since we had it planned.  I fished hard all day but I could feel it.  I had a full blown case of the Fishing Mondays.  I think I placed […]

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We need to do more!

  With the major tournament season quickly winding down in Texas, as participants we have lots of work to do.  It’s up to us to keep these tournaments going in more ways than just showing up and fishing.  In a way we are all ambassadors for the tournaments we fish, areas we live in, and […]

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Native Mariner in high winds

Here’s a video I put together after getting asked how the Mariner handles winds and waves.  Its always better to see than hear.  So here it is, enjoy. If the below embedded video does not work (it wasn’t earlier) click here to see the video.  https://vimeo.com/93454580  

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