Fishing, it can be killer!

Published On July 26, 2013 » 2130 Views» Shoot to Capture
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Browsing around some of my favorite sites I came across this series of photos and story.  A 2 hour chase fully underway.  This was not a chase for schooling fish out at Lake Bastrop (although if you’ve ever experienced the Bastrop schoolies it’s very much this scenario on a much smaller scale.)  This chase was much more important for one party involved.  It was literally a life and death situation.

While its not kayak related it is somewhat fishing related, the way its done in nature.  The pictures are amazing and seeing the shear power of such a huge animal is breathtaking.

As the story goes a pod of dolphins off the coast of Mexico had escaped the clutches of a pod of Orcas (Killer Whales).  All but one not so lucky dolphin.  Photographer and avid whale watcher, Christopher Swann was fortunate enough to get the following series pictures.

killer 3



killer 2 killer 4

The entire story is worth readings and can be found here.


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